Steve Peterson

 Justin is a coach in every sense of the word. In two months, I learned so many things! He taught me about macros and the importance of not just counting calories or fat, but the whole picture. I also have certain needs due to a history of Crohn's Disease and an ostomy, which Justin worked into my nutrition and workout plan with ease. Nothing cookie-cutter about Justin's on hands approach to your needs!Justin is also extremely available when you need him, and LISTENS when you may need to change things up! We revised my plan several times in the two months, and each time was just the tweaking it needed. The plans are easily written and easy to follow, yet also give you the tools you need to learn how to figure it out on your own as well!

Finally and most important, I MET and EXCEEDED my goals with Justin. I lost weight and bodyfat, but also LEARNED for myself how to eat well and still enjoy the food I ate! I highly recommend Justin for anyone at ANY fitness level!Steve Peterson, 53, Wilson, NC

Josh Geary

 I worked with Justin for about 6 months. He taught me there's more to nutrition than the old school approach. I have a way broader knowledge of nutrition and training because of him. I started around 206lbs and now I'm sitting at 175lbs. Flexible dieting in my opinion is the way to go and I ate more food than I ever had in that time and only did cardio 1 day a week for 20 minutes, the rest of my workouts were weight training and believe me it paid off. 

Cannon Workman

Didn't know what a six pack was until I met this guy 

Eric Phillips

 Humble, educated and dedicated to helping others find the plan that works for them. What more could you ask for?! 

Kimberlin Johnston

 12 weeks ago Brandon B-Hil Hilyard and I started a Macro diet to seek the benefits of this picture. Both of us were healthy and had pretty good eating habits already. We were working out 5+ times a week but still werent seeing the results we wanted for ourselves. We really wanted a personalized diet and workout plan for our fitness goals. Both of us made the commitment to trust Just-In-Nutrition (Justin Williams) and his process to achieve our weight loss goals. Brandon lost 19lbs and I lost 12lbs and a total of 9inches. Brandon's parents started the diet shortly after us and have had even BETTER results. We realized to achieve our goals we had to diet and workout, simple as that. There was no magical pill or new weight loss scam that was going to provide these results. I would HIGHLY recommend contacting Justin if you are even curious or interested in a weightless/workout program. During the 12 weeks I didn't eat a single item I didn't like. I set my goals and completed a questionnaire on food I liked. Brandon did the same. Yes, our grocery bill was higher but we never wasted money eating out. I now have an amazing plan that I plan to continue to follow, but also plan to use before our wedding and after a child (one day) so it's completely paid for itself. 

Kacey Oldham

 The hardest part about my fitness journey was walking through the gym doors the first time! I wasnt sure what to expect because in my mind I didnt fit the mold of what I thought fit people should be. Needless to say after meeting Justin for my free session my mind was freed from traditional beliefs. Over the course of the past year he has guided me physically and mentally to achieve goals I initially thought were unachievable. The insight I was given on a proper diet is something I can use for the rest of my life. This program isn't just for people training to become IFPA pros, but anyone looking to put more life into their years!! I strongly urge anyone like me who was apprehensive at first to make yourself a priority and get guidance from the best in the business!! 


Bill Christie

 I am a member at the World Gym in Merriam, KS and responded to an offer of a free personal training session. When asked about my goals, I mentioned that I wanted to know more about nutrition in addition to learning how to approve my body building skills. The staff referred me to Mr. Justin Williams. My free training session with Justin was thorough, informative and direct.Besides discovering what i wanted to achieve, Justin wanted to know about me as a person. He then helped me to understand that my goals were achievable and important. I believed he cared about me as a person and my need to succeed.
That was early January, 2016. I have been working with Justin weekly since then and have achieved significant weight loss and gained muscle mass all while eating a great deal of food according to his meal plans. He really cares about meeting my nutritional needs with foods that I really like. Since one of my goals is to really understand the science of body building, he takes care to make sure I know the "whys" of my intensive workout program and nutritional plan. I really appreciate that he works so hard for my success in this program and I look forward to working harder under his guidance to achieve even more results. JUST-IN-NUTRITION is really a life changer. Thanks, COACH! 

Gonzalo Torres

 I have trained for bodybuilding shows for several years now. I know, have worked with and/or received advice from several trainers and fitness competitors in the KC area. I have tried most of the approaches to training and nutrition from old school to new. When I decided to compete in 2016 I reached out to several well established trainers to see who I would work with. I was lucky enough to meet with Justin based on the recommendations of several friends at Worlds Gym. It took me 5 minutes to KNOW I wanted to train with him. His approach to training and nutrition is science based. It isn't old school "bro science". His knowledge and attention to detail are second to none. But also, he practices what he preaches and the proof is in his own success as a competitor. He practices what he preaches. Together we prepared for the MidWay NPC show in Wichita Kansas. He adjusted my nutrition and training according to my progress. We kept in constant communication and his instructions were easy to understand and follow. I often found myself shocked that I wasn't doing extra cardio or cutting back calories drastically like most competitors around me. But the results and improvements were seen weekly so I knew it was working and fully trusted him. As a result of his work, I got in the best shape of my life and at 38 years old, I won several classes in the men's physique against men 10-15 years younger. I could not have done this without his help and without his knowledge as a trainer. I plan to continue to work with Justin in the future and encourage anyone thinking of hiring a trainer whether it is to get in shape or to compete to contact him. you won't regret it! 

Amber McGee

 I am so grateful for all the work and help that Justin has provided me. For the first time in years I'm happy with how my body looks and feels. The personalized workout program and meals have made it possible for me to lose inches and not starving myself to do it. The workouts have been challenging yet manageable especially for someone like me who never liked to work out. Thanks to Justin I feel more healthy and fit. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and it shows. 

Josh Mergl

 I have worked with Justin since January and I had just gotten finished working with another friend and coach in prep for a show. Honestly, you never know what you're going to get through finding trainers on social media. Some either aren't really knowledgeable and others are worth more than their weight in gold. Justin is the truth and worth every single penny and every ounce of sweat and every second of training. He gives you his all in return for your all. It's a give and take relationship but this man is a master of his craft and at a young age, the best is yet to come. Thank you Justin 

Alexis Horn

 I would recommend Justin to everyone in the fitness industry. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been working towards a goal for a while. I was stuck in a rut, hadn’t lost any weight and knew my body fat % was not where it should be. I had been working out for 2 years on my own and lost a good amount of fat and weight but was still depressed with myself. I did a lot of research on trainers in the area as it is expensive and I wanted real results. I came across Justin and knew this guy was the real deal. He responded to my email immediately and was ready to sit with me to go over everything. We met up and he left out no details. Explained what he would be sending me every week and how it would work. He put me on the 8 week plan, set up payment arraignments, and we got started. The weight started coming off, the meals were fantastic, I started getting stronger, and I was finally happy and confident with myself. I will continue to train with Justin for as long as I can. 

Amabely Segura

 I know I'm late but I had the pleasure to meet (over mail) lol Justin I want to say that I love him I love what he does and you just have to trust that his plan works because it DOES , nutrition plays a big part of trying to tone up or gain muscle and he is the guy for you ... Looking into competition and definitely going to him. I will always go to the gym and not know I needed a routine after 8 weeks I can walk around confident and my booty turning heads Thank you Justin and we will work sooner than you may expect love you 


RJ Seefus

 Doing this program was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. Justin not only is a great guy who is easy to talk to and very easy to work with, but he also knows his stuff. You don't need to have a "boring" diet to get the results that you want. I never knew how much variety I could have with my food and still get good results at the gym until I did this program. Justin is very humble and loves to help you as much as he can. Whenever I had a question or a problem I got help very quickly. I would recommend this program to anyone who just wants to improve their overall performance in the gym and help change your body. Whether you are looking to eventually compete in competition or just do a new challenging program for fun this is a program that is great for anyone. I am excited to see what the future holds for Justin and this company and I am proud to be one of his clients, I have learned way more than I ever anticipated.

Thanks Justin!!

Brittany Bottley

 Working with Justin has been amazing. He's really helped me gain a good nutritional foundation and has helped me reach many goals. He definitely knows what he's talking about and has proved it time and again. I spent my first program with him bulking up and I'm now on my second program where I'm cutting. As with anything there have been a few hiccups along the way, but Justin is always able to figure it out and puts his all into finding the perfect nutrition program for you. I'm extremely happy with my progress so far and am excited to see where it will go next. I definitely recommend Justin for anyone who wants to make changes in their life. You won't be disappointed. 

Justin Kaldahl

 Man it's hard to put Justin into short words but if I had to it starts with motivating, reliable, accommodating, and a great friend. Justin has always been there for me to custom fix my meals, and still make them fun and take my input on what i like and don't like, exercises that will push your body mentally, and physically, and with the amount of clients he already has, always has everything prepared by the time I need to make my next trip to the store. When I first started my journey, I didn't know what to expect. He was a guy I met through a friend who met him in the gym and I found myself running through the motions. Always was the guy who had a 3 hour workout and justified every workout by eating whatever I wanted. Justin has taught me exactly what I need to do going into the future. And thought I have not been perfect(we are all human), he has made me feel so much better about myself. Though I am not where I want to be, considering all the progress I have had, I and everyone else out there are striving to constantly look better. I feel so much more comfortable in my body and that goes a long way because I have always had vanity issues with myself. Thank you Justin for everything you have done for me. You have made such an impact in my life and you truly are an inspiration to anyone who ever wants to get on stage, maybe get sponsored, or for anyone who just wants to feel better about themselves. A review and a thank you doesn't even do justice. You are one of a kind pal!! 

Blake Engels

 I completed a 12 week program under Justin's guidance and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. After many failed diet and workout plans that I found published online, I was connected to Justin through a friend and we started the process. It was seamless and customized to my lifestyle so the only real work I needed to do was go to the gym and follow the weekly diet plan. Justin is the man and he genuinely knows and practices what gets healthy results. The weekly meals are awesome and seemingly lax. I never thought I'd be able to chow down on some waffles for breakfast or pop tarts for a post workout. I can't say enought about Justin's program and he will without a doubt match your work ethic. Give this guy a shot and I promise that you won't be disappointed! 

Jose Reyes

 I've always thought that i had good knowledge about working out and dieting, but boy was i wrong. Not only did Justin showed me what to do and what to eat, but it was in the way he did it. Made me feel like I had been bffs with the guy forever. He always answers my qs right away when I have one. Very supportive and easy going. And what i like is that that he is honest. Couldn't ask for a better trainer! Thank you coach! 

Nicholas Faddis

 I would recommend Just-In-Nutrition to anyone who is wanting a more healthy lifestyle. I've been working with Justin for almost 16 weeks now and I am very satisfied with not only my results but the knowledge I have learned from working with him! 


Taylor Maguire

 I just recently got married to my husband and we both decided we wanted to be each other's accountability partners. We realized that in order to stick to our goals, we needed a written out plan. We had heard lots of great things about Justin and his unique and tailored meal and workout plans. I had tried out other programs, but they weren't tailored specifically for me like Justin's were. Justin has been awesome and truly dedicated to treating his clients with utmost respect and honesty. He is very encouraging and willing to help in any way.

My husband and I started a eight week program with Just In Nutrition a week before our wedding and we have decided to continue the program for a couple months. We, my husband and I, obviously have completely separate goals in mind, but Justin still manages to keep the prices low and foods pretty similar. Justin has been a great coach and teacher, even 2 hours away! I would definitely advise Justin to anyone who is looking for fitness/weight loss guidance.

Marco Lombio

 When I first hired justin I was honestly skeptical, I wasn't sure what to expect. But as week one went by, I started to see results. Week two went by, I started to see more results. I didn't only start to look better, I started to feel better both energy wise and mentally. Before I started working with justin I didn't really have anything going on in my life to look forward to. I woke up everyday around noon and was dependent on my mom to help feed me/pay for all my stuff. I was going through the motions "living" my life. But once I started working with justin everything changed. My mindset changed dramatically, I started waking up at 8:00am, I started working 2 jobs so I can pay off my spendings, I started cooking for both myself and my family, my mom started to rely on me to get things done to make things easier on her, and I was happy. I honestly became independent. This probably sounds cheesy but I can honestly say justin changed my life. He not only transformed my life in the fitness aspect, but also my life at home. Justin doesn't just give you your plan and makes you figure it out for yourself. He teaches you how things are done, and makes sure you're on the right path. He cares about your progress just as much as you do. Thank you man for taking a chance on me and taking me on as a client. It's a privilege to be working with such a motivating, unselfish, hard working coach like you. I appreciate everything you have done for both me and my family, and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you. 

Yomaira Rosas

 When I first sat down and talked to Justin, got a feel for what he stood for and represented with his program, I knew he would be the right person with the correct knowledge to tackle my nutritional issues. It was a struggle at the beginning, because I had a different goal in mind when we first started, I wanted to show prep, but the further we got into my program we realized that my metabolism was not at all where it needed to be, so we continued the physical prep, but focused more on getting my metabolism up to par. And ladies, you all know this is where we all struggle. It was frustrating and a challenge, but I’m more than certain now that I am where I need to be, all thanks to Justin. My body now recognizes what it needs to do, all thanks to Justin. He offers personalized workouts and nutrition programs, and provides feedback quickly. He has the adequate knowledge to fit your physical and nutritional goals. He offers a variety with your weekly nutritional program, so he keeps it fun and exciting. Highly recommend him to any ladies that are struggling with the nutrition aspect of a healthier lifestyle. He is adamant at getting you where you need to be, and is great! I’m excited for phase 2! 

Steven Seymour

 The overall program is so organized, and easy to follow. Justin is by far a genuis when it comes to obtaining goals and doing it the healthy way. I highly recommend this company 

Ronnie Mills

 I first met Justin when we were competing at the same show in St Louis back in 2013 - He won the overall at that show and i knew after watching him on stage and the fact that he was so friendly and warm to the other competitors that i someday wanted to work with him - the last 7 weeks of my 8 week program i have gone from 174.6 to my current weight today of 156.8 - the funny thing is it has been fun not draining! He has introduced me to the fun side of nutrition! Every time i have had a question he has answered with an explanation that is easy to understand and most of all educational - I've worked with some of the best in this business but this is by far the greatest experience that i have ever had! I would highly recommend Just - In - Nutrition to not only those that are looking for a healthy fun transformation but for my own family as well! Justin your a true Champion and i will always be grateful for this journey you have taken me on. 

Aaron Peters

 One of the best experiences I've had with a personal trainer. Justin knows what he's doing both on the physical side and nutritional area. He kept up to date with me every week to make sure things were going well and he we always willing to answer any questions that I had. He helped me gain about 4-5 solid pounds of muscles in just 12 weeks! The area I was worried about most was my legs, and with no surprise his workout routines and custom nutrition schedule helped me get massive gains! He is definitely my first recommendation to anyone looking to make themselves better.