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  Hi, my name is Justin Williams, and I am the owner of JUST-IN-NUTRITION. As both a business owner and nutritional coach, I believe the greatest key to success is customer relationships. The ability to establish a connection with your clients and build trust is ultimately the greatest reward my job has offered me. This vital attribute can be a challenge since often I don't have the chance to meet my clients face to face; however, through the fulfillment of my New Client Questionnaire, weekly engagement, and open communication, I find that my clients and I are able to build strong relationships.  

Upon completion of my Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Kansas, I, like many graduates, came to a crossroads regarding what direction I wanted to take my life. I constantly found myself asking, "How can I create a life that has meaning while allowing myself to enjoy what I do?" So I assessed my life, my passions, my strengths, and even my weaknesses and found that the answer had been in front of me the whole time. My life demanded purpose. My passion has always been health and fitness. My strengths have always been customer relations, science, and the human body, while my weakness has been the fear of failure making me overcritical of my work. I quickly learned that if I focused on all of these attributes I could create a business that offers a much-needed service to those who strive to better themselves physically and mentally but do not know how and/or do not have the time to focus on their nutrition due to other time-demanding aspects of life. I wanted to create a resource where nutrition is tailored around each client's life, not the other way around—a service where lifestyle nutrition is made simple.  


   JUST-IN-NUTRITION focuses on those who lead a fast-paced lifestyle that makes proper nutrition a challenge. Calculated nutrition is tailored for individuals allowing them to maintain or reach personal physical goals. By specializing just in nutrition, I allow my clients to focus on the other important aspects of their lives. Programs are provided that structure the client's meals in an organized manner while offering unique food sources that provide variety in what they eat. Additionally, nutritional programs can be packaged with customized workout regiments to fully offer the proper guidance to a fit and healthy lifestyle.   




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